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    Well, fml....


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    Well, fml.... Empty Well, fml....

    Post by Fåbûløūš on Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:49 pm

    Well, me, my dad and my mom were watching tv right? We are watching Duck Dynasty. There is this one guy visiting, and he has spiked hair, glasses, bright colors on, etc. And he was kinda being made fun of. Then my dad said "Oh, look at them make fun of the fag!"
    And I was like "Excuse me? What the hell did you just call him?"
    "A fag! That's what he is! He's a f*cking gay fag!"
    My god, I felt red, hot, angry and wanted to punch him in the fracking face!!!! D:<
    I'm just so mad right now, because I was getting all mad at him, and he was throwing it in my face, my mom saying to just shut up, and that he is a fag, and ganging up on me.
    Gosh, it's just pissing me off so much right now!
    I mean, the fact they are doing this just upsets me so much. Because they don't know this! What of he was straight, huh? What differences does it make? IT DOESN'T!!!!!
    Sheesh, them being so intolerant, and the fact my dad is such a intolerant jerk *ss, I can't stand it anymore.

    Sorry about the rant... xD


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    Well, fml.... Empty Re: Well, fml....

    Post by ωιитεяβεяяγ on Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:30 pm

    Aw Fab! Sad I'm sorry, that sucks...


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