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    Post by Makaroni on Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:08 pm

    First Character

    Name: Makayla Srane
    Name: Mak Agdalius
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Mak has jaw-long, black hair with purple and green streaks. He was muddled green-blue eyes, but usually wears black sclera contacts because he doesn't like the color. He is 5'7" and has pale skin. He usually wears jeans and baggy T-shirts to hide his breasts. Mak got snake bites, a tongue piercing, a nostril piercing, and doubled studs when he was seventeen. Due to his low income, he only has two pairs of shoes (one pair of boots, one pair of sneakers) and two pairs of socks (one pair of knee-high rainbow socks, one pair of ankle-high purple socks). He owns a pair of black, leather, fingerless gloves, but only wears them on weekends.
    LGBT: T(FtM) and B, though prefers men.
    Talents: Juggling and playing piano.
    Hobbies: Growing small plants, reading, doodling, skipping rocks (though he is not very good at it), riding on people's backs, and being carried.
    Personality: Mak is quiet and reserved most of the time. He is very shy around strangers, and just a tad more outgoing around friends.
    Food - Macaroni and cheese
    Animal - Rabbit
    Drink - Orange Fanta
    Color - Purple
    Game - Chess
    Book - Lord of the Flies
    Movie - Old Yeller
    Snack - Cheddar Jack CHEEZ-ITS
    Candy - Mounds and milk chocolate
    Ice cream - Chocolate
    Number - 27
    Plant - Cherry blossom
    Fruit - Cherries and peaches
    Vegetable - Artichoke
    Song - We R Who We R (Ke$ha)
    Other - Mak is a waitress at Francine's. He lives in Acite City, Florida. He has a small goldfish with white patches named Dix. On Thursdays, he eats a picnic dinner on the beach. He collects seashells. Mak usually buys water instead of using his apartment.
    History - When he was 16, his parents disowned him because he was transgender. He moved in with his aunt and uncle in Ganis, Florida and started a job at Walmart. When he was 17, he got all of his piercings. His aunt and uncle were very supportive of him in everything he did. They owned a beach out and rented it out all year. Mak helped with the upkeep of it, so he was given a portion of the earnings. When he was 19, he decided to move out and get an apartment. The apartment began to cost too much, since he no longer profited from the beach house, and he was evicted. He moved into a much smaller apartment and got a job was a waiter at Francine's. Mak earns very little money working as a waiter. He is far from wealthy and cannot afford insurance. He can't afford much food, mostly rice, so he is not in the best health conditions.

    Second Character

    Name: Nichole Ellice
    Nickname: Nikki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Nichole has dark, wild, and very curly brown hair. It falls to her elbows. She has dull brown eyes with very dark limbal rings. She is 5' 3" with very tan skin, but her shoulders are much paler than the rest of her. She has a lot of clothes to wear, but most of them don't fit anymore. She usually wears either a T-shirt or a tank top with either shorts or jeans. Nichole wears tennis shoes, flats, sneakers, and boots. If she has to wear socks, she wears then inside-out. She has only ear lobe piercings. She has a rainbow scarf that she wears at home.
    LGBT: B.
    Talents: Cooking and climbing.
    Hobbies: Playing piano, singing, and browsing Reddit.
    Personality: Nichole is very loud and makes her opinion heard. She is outgoing and loves trying new things, but she is very stubborn, hot-tempered, arrogant, and always has to be wrong. When at home, she is surprisingly quiet, but that is only because she is in a very intimate relationship with her laptop. She is very funny and smart, but is clumsy and socially awkward around strangers. In public places, if she doesn't go somewhere often, she acts very abnormally because she thinks she wont ever see those particular pedestrians again, so why bother being normal? When in a bad mood, she is incredibly bitchy, and best left alone.
    Food - Chocolate
    Animal - Horse
    Drink - Whole milk
    Color - Black
    Game - Hide and seek
    Book - Zorgamazoo
    Movie - Forrest Gump
    Snack - Chocolate
    Candy - Chocolate
    Ice cream - Chocolate
    Number - 13
    Plant - Aconitum
    Fruit - Banana
    Vegetable - Carrot
    Song - Drops of Jupiter (Train)
    Other - Nichole works as a chef at Tortella. She lives in Corvallance, Texas. She has a rabbit named Rosita and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Buttercup. Nichole lives in a fairly large apartment. She is incredibly afraid of heights and doesn't ever sleep in the dark, unless Buttercup is with her.
    History - Can't come up with one right now.

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