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    Important little news thingy xD


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    Important little news thingy xD Empty Important little news thingy xD

    Post by Fåbûløūš on Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:22 pm

    Hello my friends! I just thought it would be important to tell you all that me and Cave Dweller (Or newest member) Are going to the beach tomorrow. So we won't be on too much. Maybe more at night time, seeing we will take advantage of the free wifi. We will be gone tomorrow, till sunday evening, maybe monday, depending on the time we return. Anywho, speaking of my best friend, she isn't on much at the moment, seeing her laptop was taken away. But once she gets it back, she should roleplay more. Anywho, she wanted me to tell you guys she looks forward to roleplaying, and to say hi ^^

    Love you guys <3


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