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    Soulmates: onexone


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    Soulmates: onexone Empty Soulmates: onexone

    Post by Loki on Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:59 pm

    So I saw a post on Tumblr talking about what it would be like if when you found your soulmate, yours and the other person's chest begin to glow. They gave an example about how it would be cool if a nerd was picked on by a jock all the time, and then one day the jock starts to pick on him/beat him up, and their chests begin to glow.

    This is what this roleplay is about. It's a onexone, so sorry if you were looking for a group roleplay. I was thinking this could be guyxguy, since it makes the most sense to have it like that.

    I was kind of hoping I could be the nerd, since I'm not very good at being a bully. ^.^" However, if you would rather be the nerd, I can suck it up and be the bully.

    As far as the plot goes, I was thinking this could start at the time when their chest glows, as in the encounter they have that leads up to their chests glowing. It could then be them slowly becoming friends and leading into a relationship. There could be stuff along the way like the bully still being a bully, and the nerd is getting mad at him for doing it.

    But I think I'm thinking too far ahead. Might as well just start it for now. So... Who's interested?

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