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    Wow, Fantastic Baby


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    Wow, Fantastic Baby Empty Wow, Fantastic Baby

    Post by Lawli-pop...1313 on Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:24 pm

    Okay this is something I just wanted to wrie since I'm bored and I realized that we didn't have a Fanfiction forum or a writing forum. So why not here?
    Wow, Fantastic Baby. Dance!

    Erin sat in the corner of the club, running fingers through his hair.

    I wanna Dance, dance, dance...

    He knew this band. But it still surprised him that this club would be playing this song. Mostly because it was Korean pop and probably no one but him could understand what they were saying other than the spoken English words. Such a weird song.

    Not bad though.

    Fantastic Baby. Dance!

    "You seem lonely," a voice murmured and Erin glanced up, breaking out of his thought and the sight made his jaw drop slightly.

    The guy before him (might he dare to use the word 'God' for this perfect being?) was the hottest man he had ever seen. He was Japanese by the accent but his looks were more Russian....Scottish maybe? Definitely some British thrown in there too. He had clean, crisp (and totally natural...) red hair that fell perfectly into place. It was as if every strand was given a silent command to stay perfectly in place and each would be punished if even one shifted even a micro-fragment of a millimeter. He wore clothes that gave off a clean and respectable aura, even though the clothes were just a long sleeved black shirt and jeans.

    He seemed like the boy you would want to bring home to show your parents. Whereas Eric was the opposite; messy black hair that fell this way and that (he was sure something was living in it), he had "unnerving" blue eyes, and he was a relative 'creepy boy'. Eric knew this boy. He was the perfect student, Kiyoshi Haruko. The kid everyone raved about at his school. He could get girls to melt with just one smile. Even Eic had a microscopic, tiny, barely-even-noticeable crush on him. Who wouldn't? Boys who weren't gay, that was who.

    "Excuse me?" Eric managed to find his voice once he realized that the perfect god was waiting for him to respond.

    "Ah, you looked lonely so I thought I'd come give you some company," Kiyoshi smiled, his award-winning smile.

    Eric glanced over Kiyoshi's shoulder, noticing his usually group of followers at the table a few lengths away, watching with their eyes narrowed and faces set in a permanent scowl. Why? Because Eric was the school's dirtbag and the one everyone assumed was a Pedo. Okay, it was NOT his fault he had a pedo smile.

    "Sure, why not?" Eric cast a smile back at Kiyoshi, careful to keep to close-lipped. Please no Pedo-smile... he silently begged.

    "Do you want to go someplace more private though? It's getting stuffy in here."

    And that's all I got for now. I plan to write more and I want it to have a school setting. There won't be any stuff over pg-13 but there will be mentions of it (no actual scenes of it though). I plan to have a school setting throughout it.

    The song is Fantastic Baby by Big Bang.
    I do plan on using a lot more Korean/Japanese/Chinese song lyrics in the following chapters and whatnot.

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